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Night Blooming Jasmine
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: How can you be without the fragrance of night-blooming jasmine wafting in the air? No other scent whispers the tropics more seductively than night-blooming jasmine does. A must try!
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Comments for Night Blooming Jasmine

7/3/12 9:08pm
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Not a true jasmine, which is what I was looking for. Good though!
4/3/12 3:24pm
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Love this! I really like jasmine and this one is a bit more sultry.
3/4/12 7:06am
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It smells amazing. A great jasmine scent. But unfortunately, it was so strong that it gave me a headache.
1/20/12 6:26am
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I am not a floral person at all, but this scent smells amazing!!! It's a floral and perfume type of scent. Just be prepared for strong scent throw!
11/4/11 10:50pm
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Found out I don't like Jasmine. So this isn't for me.