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Banana Pancake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Comfort food at it's finest wrapped up in one amazing candle fragrance!
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9/8/12 10:03pm
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Smells just like banana pancakes.I smelled a touch of butter maple and a bakery banana.very nice kind of a light thrower.
5/26/12 8:02am
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WOW. this scent is a blast in a jar ! this happens to be one of my brothers favorites that I forced him to smell. its veryyyyy yummy thats all I can say. I can say that I smell flapjacks and bananas. this is a great country kitchen-ish candle.
4/13/12 3:25am
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Deb's description is spot-on; buttery pancakes and a light bakery-type banana scent combine to make such a comforting scent. When warmed, I felt like there was a tiny bit of very light cinnamon that complimented the more pronounced notes. Just divine.
11/4/11 12:19pm
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I probably wouldn't normally pick this but it's actually a fabulous scent. You get the buttery pancakes right away and the yummy banana is lurking just under that. Love this one! (cold throw)