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Midnight in Macon
Category: Earthy Fragrances
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Description: An aroma of warm cedarwood with a base note of fresh ripened peaches.
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5/24/13 5:56pm
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The cold throw on this one wasn't nice to me when I first got it, but after letting it cure, I love it & it's one of my favs. The cedarwood seemed to lighten up a bit after curing.
2/29/12 4:05am
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I opened the scent shot, and immediately threw it in my trade pile. Not pleasant to my nose.
12/18/11 10:04pm
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I really wanted to like this one but the cedarwood scent was so overpowering that it blew me out of the room. I think it would be perfect if just a hint of the cedarwood note was combined with a predominate note of fresh peach. I think I might try just a bit of this with a peach SS in my melter.