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Meadow Dance
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: Take a walk back in time to this fresh, herbal, slightly romantic aroma! This wonderfully blended fragrance begins with top notes of juicy pomegranate, guava, and starfruit. Middle notes follow, providing this fragrance with herbal notes of aloe vera, white tea, green tea, and chamomile. Bottom notes of fresh greeny.
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5/16/12 1:49pm
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I like this, the light fruity notes really compliment the green and herbal notes. This is fantastic.
3/19/12 12:51am
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Really clean and fresh scent, without being cleaner-like. Love the greenery notes!
3/11/12 5:02am
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To me it smell like a burt's bee facial wash, like witch hazel, green tea, tea tree oil all that clean face washing smell. maybe a bathroom scent? I really don't love it but its interesting though.
2/29/12 4:03am
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Too strong for me. Love the tea note, but the greenery is a little too strong.
1/22/12 9:34pm
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This is a quintessential clean scent to me. It smells clean and musky like a soap. I'm melting maybe 1/10 of a scent shot right now just to test and the throw is crazy! This is going to sound a little gross, but it's so strong I can sort of taste it. I wouldn't reorder, but I will finish the scent shot when I'm cleaning. Three stars.