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Description: An enticing combination of orchids and fresh carnation are blended with a touch of cumin and bergamot. The soothing quality of jasmine and fennel flourish in the heart. Sweet scents of the Madagascar vanilla bean mingle among the earthy feel of patchouli, amber and musk to complete this exotic blend.

Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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11/18/13 12:12am
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Lovely scent and complex for sure! Not strong or overpowering and great scent for the whole house!
5/22/12 4:29pm
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Floral and musky.. I'm on the fence about whether I love it or don't like it.. It's a very complex scent for sure. Probably not for everyone, but I would recommend it to someone who likes sophisticated scents.
5/7/12 7:44pm
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this is sweet, a bit musky, and a touch powdery. all in a good way! i think this is a wonderful bedroom scent and lingers for a couple days once it's blown out.