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Mango Tango
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: This delightful fragrance begins with top notes of sweet, ripened, McIntosh apples, pears, and white roses; followed by middle notes of freshly sliced mango, fresh greenery, and tiger lily; all sitting on base notes of floral musks. If you like the smell of Gain's Apple Mango Tango fabric softener, you'll love this!
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8/1/12 7:53pm
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This is probably my top pick for a fresh/clean scent. It does smell just like the Gain detergent!
5/14/12 9:03am
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Smells SPOT on for the Gain Softener but like shake says SMALL pieces cuz this baby is STTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!
3/21/12 2:32am
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Dead on - smells just like the laundry detergent. But it's veryyy strong.... 1/4 of a SS should be all you need, if that.
2/29/12 4:00am
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This sucker is STRONG. Clean, fruity, and I can only warm at 20-30 min tops at a time. Great smell.
11/26/11 9:49pm
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This smells like a fruity laundry detergent. So fresh and clean!
11/5/11 5:00pm
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This really does smell exactly like the laundry soap but I couldn't handle this one! Too strong for me and caused a headache.
11/1/11 11:18pm
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I don't get a whole lot of the fruity notes. It's mostly strong laundry detergent, which I still like.
9/28/11 5:06pm
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It smells exactly like the detergent, and it's got an awesome throw. Such a great clean fruity scent!