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Mango Smoothie
Category: House Blends
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Description: Mango-Papaya, Lemon & Peach.
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8/25/12 4:04pm
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This is so juicy and delicious - it smells like a tropical drink and makes me wish I were sitting on a beach!
7/8/12 3:45pm
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I get more of the mango, papaya, and peach, not much lemon, but I love it! So juicy and fruity!
5/16/12 5:14pm
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4/10/12 5:51am
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Fruity and tart, just like a smoothie. I don't smell much papaya but the bright, cheery lemon and peach notes definitely come through. I had this in a tart and in a candle and I think it's way better in tart form. The mango is sweeter and smoother as a tart. moderate throw. 4 stars.
1/24/12 3:37am
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Yummy! Same mango as mango peach salsa and mango sage tea. LOVE, the peach and papaya are great to mix with! Perfect summer scent!