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Mango Sage Tea
Category: Earthy Fragrances
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Description: Unique combination of refreshing leaves of rubbed sage, juicy mango, papaya, and strawberries, with a wonderful base note of fresh brewed white tea leaves. The reviews on this fragrances were outstanding!
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Comments for Mango Sage Tea

3/21/12 8:50pm
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I was recommended this candle by ladies on the message board a few years ago. I'm not really sure how to describe it but it wasn't the tart, fruity mango note I was expecting. It was quite earthy and not that fresh herb smell I like. I had this in the 9 oz. Two stars and one of my least favorites.
2/29/12 4:00am
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Oh the sage! I really wanted to like this. I have sage growing in my garden and while it is nice, it is very strong and herbal smelling. And in this, it overpowers the mango.
12/17/11 5:03am
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A yummy scent. It almost has that clean, powdery scent to it. Not sure where that's coming from, but a good one to try! Still love Mango Peach Salsa though!
11/12/11 1:06am
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I really wanted to like this scent, i do love mango and i love tea but the sage is what bothered my nose. If you like sage then you will like this but sage is actually ALL i smell in the SS.