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Love Shack
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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9 rating(s) / 11 favorite(s)
Description: A combination of Love Spell and Pink Sugar, a beautiful combination of fragrances.
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8/30/12 9:03pm
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If you like love spell then you will like this i didn't pick up on the pink sugar at all.
8/24/12 2:07am
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I love it! Very sweet, definitely obvious on the Love Spell, but the pink sugar is a nice additive. Could be a good bedroom scent.
5/22/12 5:27pm
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This one is a perfect bedroom scent. The lovespell is the strongest note, but the pink sugar is definitely there too.
1/27/12 12:15pm
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It's nice,but a little heavy on the love spell so I find my beloved pink sugar gets lost. I don't know if Id order this again
1/21/12 1:12am
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This scent is lovely! It's way girly and has a strong throw. I love it; but my husband does think it's a little too perfumey. It's sexy....I love to burn it in my bedroom and bath.