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Leather & Lace
Category: Earthy Fragrances
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Description: A perfect blend of masculine with a feminine touch!
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1/28/13 11:41pm
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I got more leather & very little lace. This does smell just like leather & although I do love the smell of leather, but I guess I prefer the scent in my boots & bags. If you want leather with a hint of sweet, this is the scent for you.
7/2/12 7:18pm
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Too much like a dusty antique store. Smells like my Grandma's old doilies, lol. Yuck.
11/30/11 6:47pm
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My all time favorite scent. I never want to be without it!! IMO, it is the perfect unisex scent. Also perfect when company comes over. Some don't like bakery, some don't like floral, some don't like fruits or sweet scents. But, very few people dislike the scent of real leather & vanilla, which Leather & Lace is.