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Lavender Vanilla
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: Fragile and sweet, the lavender and vanilla are the perfect marriage. A dead ringer for the Bath and Body Works fragrance of the same name.
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6/13/12 6:41pm
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One of my all time favorites! A great candle for all year burning!
3/21/12 4:15am
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I was hoping for more vanilla, but its still wonderful.
3/7/12 4:26am
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It really is a dead ringer for the B & BW version, which makes me so happy because I LOVE their scent. My favorite thing to do is use their sheet spray and burn this candle. It's wonderful. It's a very sweet lavender scent, and super relaxing.
1/21/12 1:22am
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I am not a fan of florals but I love this one! It's a beautiful version of Lavender to me. The vanilla tones down the Lavender perfectly. And the color of the wax is such a pretty lavender color. Perfect for spring!