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Lavender & Basil
Category: Fresh/Clean Fragrances
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Description: A fragrance you really have to try to appreciate! If you're on the fence about lavender, give this one a try. A beautiful lavender fragrance with a touch of basil to soften the lavender. The lavender is more of a fantasy type floral fragrance and not really a herbal realistic type lavender. Because of this, don't let the thought of basil turn you off there is no licorice smell that you get with basil--this one is a keeper!
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4/23/12 9:17pm
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Free Scent Shot!
2/29/12 3:49am
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Yes, very soapy. Can't pick out the lavender or basil at all. Just soap.
9/28/11 3:53am
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This smells like a generic hand soap to me, nothing interesting :\