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Jovan Musk
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: A Jovan Musk for Women Type duplication. A luxurious, gentle, floral fragrance. Blend of spices, lavender and citrus, with rich musky bottom notes. Recommended for romantic use.
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4/16/12 3:54pm
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I totally agree that this is a dead-on dupe of the fragrance, and that it transports you back in time to when it was popular. I never was a big fan of the perfume, but if you like the smell of it - you'll love Victoria's version.
2/28/12 1:37am
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I just got this. But on cold throw, its dead on. My mom used to wear Jovan musk when I was a little girl. Takes me back to being young, sort of like a security blanket.