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Cherry Blossom (Japanese)
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: A Bath and Body Works Type. This exotic fragrance is a sensuous blend of Japanese cherry blossom, vanilla rice, oriental woods and delicate mimosa petals.
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Comments for Cherry Blossom (Japanese)

11/6/12 2:38am
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Not powdery enough to be a dupe, but it is a nice clean type floral with a bit of musk and woods in the background.
4/27/12 2:49am
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does not smell like BBW's Japanese cherry blossom was very disappointed.
3/29/12 2:51am
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this does not smell like BBW's japanese cherry blossom. JCB is a beautiful, soapy/clean, somewhat powdery floral. this smells like a strong dollar store aerosol air freshener. dislike.
12/15/11 6:27am
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I can't remember what the BBW scent smells like off the top of my head but this is a clean, soapy, floral scent.