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Grape Soda
Category: Drink Fragrances
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Description: Most requested....grape and fizzy pop.
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10/24/12 1:56am
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My ss was very strong & smelled just like "grape soda". Hubby liked it so much, I ordered it in a scoop some scent too.
3/29/12 11:18am
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On Cold throw I get Welch's grape soda, sadly melted I didn't smell much so I wouldn't reorder this
3/2/12 3:23pm
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I do not like this its not good at all its so fizzy and im not into the fizzy scent they are weird to me but i love grape
3/2/12 9:17am
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I cannot do this scent. It smells sooooo medicine like.
12/18/11 9:52pm
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On cold throw this scent smells to me like a combination of two, distinct scents: grape and fizzy pop, which smell strange together to me. But when warmed they mingle into a freshly poured grape soda scent complete with fizz. This is a fun fragrance!
11/12/11 12:58am
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This was an ok scent for me. It does smell like grape soda but the grape part isn't like wow thats deff grape.. but yet I know it's grape if that makes sense. Also the "fizzy pop" scent isn't super strong to me either.