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Genevieve's Tea Ring
Category: House Blends
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Description: This scent was created for Charlene Howard. Granny's Pie Crust, The Porridge Pot, Brown Sugar, Cherry, Crème Brulee, Vanilla with a touch of Cinnamon and Cherry.
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6/2/12 11:50pm
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This scent is a pleasent surprise a little hard for me to describe but a scent I enjoyed!
12/5/11 4:18am
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When I first got this one, all I could smell was the cherry almond with a hint of spice and bakery. This one totally changes when it is lit. When lit all I get is an oatmeal scent, which I am guessing is the porridge pot, and a spicy note. It is just OK to me. I actually liked it better cold. My husband is not a fan of the spicy scents and he said that it gave him a headache and I did not think it was that spicy. Not sure if I will re-purchase.
11/12/11 1:42am
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I bought this in an 8 oz candle. At first, on cold throw, I absolutely hated this scent. The cherry and almond scents had a chemical smell to me. However, I trusted it would smell better when I burned it and it definitely did. I'd buy this again.
11/10/11 3:10pm
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Oh my...moved to the top of my favorites. Cold throw I got the almond, cherry, bakery goodness. Warmed wow, I got pecan pie, pancake, coffee scent. Just awesome deliciousness. My husband asked later in the day why it smelled like pancakes all day.
11/1/11 11:06pm
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This smells like some sort of cherry dessert. It's NOT cherry almond either, more like sweet maraschino cherry. It's good. I would like to try it in a candle.
10/22/11 5:54pm
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Really sorry to hear that sweetpetite628... maybe you got a dud? Mine smells delicious. It smells like yummy cherry (but not cough syrup or cherry almond) cinnamon doughy goodness. I think I'm getting the GPC and the Brown sugar as the sweet doughy note. This went on my favorites list instantly!
10/12/11 5:32am
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I was really hoping to love this scent. On cold throw, it smelled really yummy, but when I melted it after having the SS cure for 2 weeks, I couldn't smell anything but wax. And even then, there was no scent throw.