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Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Fresh orange top notes sweeten this lush white floral bouquet. Forest fern adds a natural sensation to the heart of shimmering flowers, as light green tones balance the bouquet. Warm woods and a hint of musk warm the floral accord.
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2/29/12 3:35am
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Clean, Laundry-ish, and strong, with a hint of almost an ocean vibe. I am loving the scents with the Forest fern note in them. Iris & Fern is another great one.
11/7/11 2:06am
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Both my mom and I LOVE this! This smells to me just like what it's duping,a very pretty light spring floral.I usually don't care for florals but this is wonderful,it's more of laundry softner floral scent.I wish I had a linen spray in this scent! It's sweet,clean,and I almost get a hint of sweet lemon somewhere in there! Simply perfect for spring cleaning!