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Fizzy Pop
Category: Drink Fragrances
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Description: A lemon lime soda fragrance with the carbonation and everything!! This is one powerful, yummy scent!
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9/10/12 5:55am
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My favorite! You can smell the bubbles. Delish!
7/3/12 8:50pm
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I am amazed that you can make wax smell carbonated. AMAZING! Great mixer!
4/10/12 6:27pm
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It is amazing that wax can release an effervescent note as this does, but it is there, along with a fresh lemon/lime combination. It brings Sprite to mind every time I smell it. And, this is one of the top three mixing scents of all time, I believe. I prefer it to be mixed with something for an added fragrance boost, rather then just burning it by itself - but the possibilities are endless as long as I have a stash of these scent shots on hand.
4/3/12 3:25pm
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This is such a neat fragrance... love the bubbles! It does make a great mixer and I know many CAS have been born with this scent. Great on its own too!
3/29/12 5:30am
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This scent was a favorite from the first sniff. On cold throw you get FIZZY lemony ginger ale and when you warm it while you lose a tiny bit of the carbonation you do get the same exact fragrance. I love this alone, and as a mixer in nearly ANYTHING. I will ALWAYS have Fizzy pop! 10 of 10 reorder for sure.
3/20/12 7:27pm
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Very effervescent. Take 7-Up, Sprite & Gingerale and mix it together with lime sorbet & you have this scent.
2/7/12 10:27pm
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Love the scent shot! It's so cool how you can smell the carbonation! But I really didn't care for it melted, I'll keep the scent shot around, but I don't think I'll get anything else in this scent or try to melt it again.
11/7/11 11:58pm
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Dead on Sprite scent,fizzyness and all.
11/5/11 4:34pm
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This REALLY DOES smell like Sprite! I never thought you could have a candle that you get the carbonation, but this you really do get that tickle your nose fizzy carbonation. It's unreal how realistic this scent really is! I find it very refreshing!
9/28/11 4:49am
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The bubbles really tickle your nose with this one, even when lit :D Smells just like Sprite. It is such a cool scent, even if you don't want your house to smell like Sprite you should try this one just because it's so cool - it's that good!
9/28/11 3:29am
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It DOES smell just as good when it's lit! You can still smell the bubbles :)

This one is also an excellent mixer... really versatile. I love it!
9/24/11 2:29pm
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I love this candle so very much! I love how it is awesome and tingles my nose when I sniff it.

Still haven't smelled it lit but it smells so deliciously like lemon lime soda tastes which makes me not able to help myself from sniffing it constantly on cold throw. Someone please tell me that it smells just as good when it's lit!
9/24/11 8:07am
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Oh the things I say for testing comments. Too bad I forget to delete them before the site goes public. :P But it has two thumbs up, so I'll leave it. haha