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Finger Lickin Good
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Orange and clove combine for a tangy top note for this sweet fragrance. Fresh strawberry balances with a rich fragrance signature of honey, as woody undertones create a soft background for the golden treat.
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11/15/12 1:43am
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I mainly get honey from this... very similar to Honeybee to my nose.
7/3/12 8:46pm
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Not good at all. So much fragrance packed into one candle. You know what color a rainbow turns if you mix all the colors? Yeah, the same happens with smell if you mix too much and incorrectly. Yuck.
4/16/12 4:02pm
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Again, I'm not a L*** fan, so their fragrances aren't going to be for my nose. However, Victoria's fragrances are amazingly similar to the products that they are duping - so if you like that company's products, you'll love Victoria's versions. The honey is the predominate note to my nose, so if you are a honey fan, this might be worth a try for you as well.
4/11/12 10:37pm
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My hubs says it smells like an old person. I need to warm it though and see. I hope the clove really comes out. Never smelled the dupe to compare.
3/29/12 5:27am
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This was supposed to be a dupe for a discontinued Shower gel from that company we can't mention and while I like this scent and it's close cold when you warm this sucker it is spot on, however I am not a fan unfortunately. 5 of 10 unlikely I'd reorder
1/8/12 3:55am
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Not a favorite of mine. The orange, clove and honey definitely stand out to me; just not a good mix for my nose. Definitely a different aroma!
12/15/11 6:42am
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Just like the L*SH scent, not for me though.