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Eucalyptus and Spearmint
Category: Minty Fragrances
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Description: A refreshing blend of eucalyptus and spearmint--without the Vicks smell. I absolutely love it!!!!
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Comments for Eucalyptus and Spearmint

7/23/12 11:04pm
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Fresh minty scent. Kind of like gum. I good scent but not like the one at B&BW. It does not have essential oils so it's not as herbal smelling but it is still really nice.
3/29/12 5:26am
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This one needed some time to cure for me. When I got it I smelled straight up mint gum and none of the eucalyptus. I was looking for this to be a bath and body works dupe which it isn't. The strongest note in this remained after curing and melting, the spearmint but warm I could finally smell a hint of the eucalyptus. It is a very relaxing fragrance 8 of 10.
2/29/12 3:28am
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Love this in scent shot form only. Strong Spearmint. Weird, but when I light this in candle form the scent is different.
11/19/11 6:37pm
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I just don't get any eucalyptus in this... It smells really close to plain Spearmint but with a mud mask smell. (Smells just like the Mask of Magnaminty from that one bath company.)