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Emperor's Love
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: A burst of lemon creates a fresh accent for this fruity floral blend. Sweet woodland strawberry balances with floral tones of rose and a hint of lavender as accents of ginger add a creative touch. Undertones of rare woods and a hint of musk create lingering warmth for the scent.
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8/25/12 4:00pm
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Absolute new favorite. It smells 100% like what it's duping. Love this!
5/16/12 1:14pm
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I wanted this to be heavier on the citrus and woods and less on the floral. To me this is a very strong floral scent. It may need time to cure.
3/29/12 5:25am
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This is a dupe from the company who shall not be named for one of their soaps. It is a spot on dupe and a fantastic bathroom scent. It's lightly fruity with creamy florals. I liked this one a lot 7 of 10 possible reorder.
3/21/12 2:18am
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My husband loves the L*** soap so I thought he would love the candle. The candle is a very close dupe but for some reason we didn't love it as a candle. I think it has a dried fruit note that I picked out that I wasn't crazy about. It smells much stronger than the soap. 3 stars for us and we probably won't reorder it. Maybe I will try it in a CAS with something sweeter. We had it in the 8 oz candle.
3/2/12 3:21pm
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This one is way better burning that cold its a nice relaxing scent very dark and powdery i think kind of like black velvet
12/19/11 4:34am
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This has to be one of my favorite L*SH dupes that CBV has to offer. It's a really sweet blend of fruity and floral! I've never actually bought the Sultana soap but this makes me want to try it!