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Edward Cullen
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Description: Inspired by the book Twilight and specifically Edward Cullen, the author of Twilight Stephanie Myer describes Edward as smelling like a mixture of sunshine, lilac and honey.
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5/29/14 5:12am
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For some reason I do not like the scent combinations in this blend. Would not order it again, throwing me off....
3/21/12 2:13am
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Okay I really wanted to love this scent because I love honey and lilacs, and who wouldn't love sunshine? It turns out I don't like sunshine. I have Sunshine in a tart (I have EC in an 8 oz candle) and there's a strong air freshener quality to it. It does have a great throw but it's not going to be a reorder for me. 3 stars.
2/29/12 3:25am
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Cold it is amazing. Warm the honey and florals make my nose go bonkers.
1/8/12 5:47pm
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In one word.. Edward Cullen smells like happy ha. The sunshine scent (which to me resembles an amazing smelling laundry detergent type scent) and lilac are both quite strong and blend very well. I can't pick up on a true honey scent, but I do get some slight sweetness. LOVE it.
12/15/11 6:21am
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A clean, soapy, floral scent. Not for me.
11/4/11 1:41pm
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I'm not sure what sunshine should smell like (lol) and this is almost too girly but it's still a very nice scent. My first impression is that it's perfumey but then you recognize the lilac in there. I'm not sure what Stephanie Meyer was thinking by imagining Edward smelling so pretty. I'll forget this is called Edward Cullen and just enjoy the scent for what it is . . . hehe.
11/1/11 7:59pm
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Love this scent- but doesnt have a strong throw.