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Divine Paradise
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A blend of rich buttery yellow cake with top notes of sweet cherries and pineapple, rounded out with hints of pecan and coconut.
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2/8/13 11:36pm
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Normally I have a difficult time finding a scent with pineapple and/or coconut in it that I love. That being said, this one is amazing!! The cold throw just smells like cherry, but when you light it, the cherry goes away and it smells like coconut macaroons, sooooo delicious!!!
5/22/12 5:12pm
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Smells a lot like the yankee Almond Cookies to me, which is sooo amazing! I don't get the pineapple note but the pecan and coconut go sooo well together.. Amazing!
11/1/11 6:07pm
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Don't let the cold throw on this one turn you off. Cold throw there is a lot of cherry. But once you light this one up, the cherry takes a backseat and all the other notes come out. Yellow cake, pineapples and cherries... even the coconut and pecans. Every note comes out, making it an awesome bakery type scent.