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Dark Angel
Category: House Blends
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Description: Inspired by my friend Vanessa, DarkxAbyssmalxSoul on Youtube... this scent was created specifically with her in mind. Dark Angel has some of Vanessa's favorite scents in it. Peppermint, Spearmint, Patchouli and Vanilla. This is one sexy and powerful fragrance just like our V!! :)
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5/22/12 4:47pm
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The mint notes in this scent round off the patchouli so it isn't as strong and harsh as it usually is to me. Even for someone who doesn't like patchouli, I think this is a great scent.
2/29/12 3:22am
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Love this one. Mint and Patchouli. with an almost floralish background.
11/26/11 1:00am
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I'm burning this as I type and I'm absolutely loving it. It's very fresh and cool smelling with just enough warmth so that it isn't harsh.