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Cookies For Santa
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: Sweet and delicious, if Santa doesn't want them I do!!
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10/25/12 3:58pm
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The only thing I can smell in this SS is yeast. It's so overwhelming. Was really hoping to enjoy this scent but, I wouldn't burn or purchase this again.
6/24/12 11:50pm
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A great scent! The throw is really great and I didn't even give it time to cure. CBV has really amazing vanilla type scents and this one is really awesome. I'll be buying a bunch of these just so I can give them a chance to cure....SOOOOOOOOOOO yummy =)
11/23/11 5:04am
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I didn't like the cold scent on this but it was much better when warmed! Still not a favorite but it's not terrible; its just not my taste.
11/5/11 4:28pm
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Really yummy Christmas cookie scent that is perfect for the holiday! Just like others have mentioned, that's what I get as well. An iced snickerdoodle cookie.
11/1/11 10:51pm
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It's the perfect Christmas cookie scent.
10/22/11 6:00pm
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I heard someone else say this first, but it smells like an iced snickerdoodle cookie. Ah-freaking-mazing.