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Cinnamon Donuts
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A treat that will keep you coming back for more. This is a wonderful bakery scent .. light on the cinnamon but heavy on the yummy!!
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12/19/12 3:25pm
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Smells like there is cinnamon donuts cooking in the oven. You can really smell a cinnamon donut. This scent does need a lot of cure time. I lit my 8oz in the bedroom and I could smell it ALL over the house. I have four other 16oz waiting to cure. My next order will be in the 24 oz =)
7/3/12 8:32pm
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Less sweet than expected, but better than anticipated! You can really smell the dough! The cinnamon and sugar is PERFECT.
6/27/12 6:45am
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This smells like dough rolled in sweet cinnamon sugar.I really enjoy this one.(Strong Throw)
4/18/12 12:11pm
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Smells just like the actual cinnamon donuts when it's cured a while. When I first got it, it smelled like red hots which I was like Uhhhh ut oh....but its sooo good burning.
3/29/12 2:31am
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to me this and cinnabon smell almost identical. you get the cinnamon, the sugar, the dough... it's perfect. i would like to mix fresh baked bread with it to get more of that dough smell.
3/26/12 1:02pm
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Love this! It's so good in SS form.
2/21/12 7:26am
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I have this in a 16 oz jar. I had to let it cure for about a month before I felt like it was ready for burning. It's DELISH! It's got a fairly strong scent throw and isn't overly cinnamony. Love!
1/24/12 3:21am
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Not my favorite but not the worst cinnamon scent I've tried. I have a hard time with cinnamons because I can't stand the "red hot" scent. I want real cinnamon! I guess Cinnabon is next to try!
11/18/11 1:53am
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i totally get the doughyness and the cinnamon is not too strong. this is one of my favorite "cinnamon" type scents
11/5/11 4:22pm
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This has a great scent throw to this one! You really can smell the doughiness in this with the cinnamon sugar. I really like this one!
11/4/11 1:23am
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I unfortunately don't get the doughiness smell, just very strong cinnamon - Not bakery cinnamon, red hot cinnamon candies. I prefer Cinnabon over this one.
11/1/11 10:46pm
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My number one bakery scent. Cinnamon sugar and doughiness!
9/29/11 8:14pm
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Strong, yummy, just like the real thing! You can smell the dough and the sugar. Good cinnamon, but not as much as the Buns scent. Excellent and will make you want donuts.