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Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Buttery, warm, fresh Cinna-bons scent topped with ooey-gooey vanilla icing is absolutely incredible! Not overly spicy...just a pinch of cinnamon, perfectly blended with the sweet scent of vanilla & butter. This one is sure to make your mouth water for more! Can you say "YUM"?!
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9/19/12 10:22pm
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one of my favorites, you can smell the sweet icing & bakery note with just enough cinnamon to smell just like cinnabon!
6/27/12 6:35am
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I also think that this one smells like cinnamon donuts as well.You get the icing in this one when you melt it.sweet cinnamon,dough and a cream cheese icing.(Strong throw)
3/29/12 2:30am
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to me this and cinnamon donuts smell super similar. so delicious. you get the cinnamon, the sugar, the dough, and the icing. yum!
2/21/12 7:22am
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Had this one in SS form. Half of the scent shot lasted for 2 whole days (I keep my warmer going 24/7). It smells just like Cinnabon. Yum!
2/13/12 8:57pm
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The scent shot smelled great, but when I tried to melt it, something turned me off and I couldn't handle the scent. Maybe the butter/vanilla? Not sure, so I'm passing it on to someone else.
11/18/11 1:52am
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This is pretty authentic scent. yummy cinnamon bun and icing. the cinnamon is not too spicy
11/5/11 4:19pm
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This smells EXACTLY like an ooey-gooey fresh out of the oven Cinnabon! You can even smell the icing in this thing. So yummy!!
11/4/11 1:06am
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This candle smells so delicious, it's to die for. However I have had bad luck with this scent. Three separate Cinnabon candles repeatedly extinguished themselves, which obviously caused tunneling and the overwhelming majority of the candle to be wasted. Such a shame!