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Category: Spicy Fragrances
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Description: A combination of Cranberry and Cinnamon.
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4/16/12 4:47pm
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This scent is pleasant - but I have a preference for so many other fragrances that have these two notes, plus other complimenting notes, that this is left smelling a bit flat (to my nose) by comparison. Not a bad scent at all, but I enjoy so many of Victoria's other cinnamon scents so much better.
2/21/12 7:19am
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I got this scent as my free SS and was very pleasantly surprised. Although I like berry and cinnamon scents, I probably wouldn't have ordered it just because there are so many other choices. I liked it so much it's on my list for my next order. I'm getting it in heart tarts. The SS had a strong scent throw.