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Christmas Tree
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh cut Christmas Tree? Here at Candles By Victoria we searched for the perfect Christmas Tree scent, this one has no Pine-Sol note to it, just fresh, clean, strong real pine, great for the holidays and even better if you don't have a real tree at Christmas but are missing that real tree scent.
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4/16/12 4:06pm
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I don't get any "Pine-Sol" smell from this at all - just a fresh-cut pine tree. It seems to be a very strong scent on cold throw. I prefer my candle scents to be sweeter, so I prefer Sugared Spruce to this scent - but, if you want a straight-up, strong Christmas Tree fragrance, this one is definitely for you.
11/1/11 9:32pm
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Very strong pine tree/evergreen smell. It smells like a freshly cut Christmas Tree. I love it so much, I could burn it year round.
9/29/11 8:07pm
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Strong, pine, and sometimes I do get a bit of Pine-Sol from it but that may be from Pine-Sol tweaking their scent (because it smells pretty real). A good pine, great at the holidays.