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Christmas Memories
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: A house blend of Sugared Spruce, Cranberry and Spiced Oranges. A wonderful holiday mix!!
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4/30/12 3:58am
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This may have to be my favorite "Christmas" scent, because of the lack of red hot cinnamon notes. A really sweet, but warm scent that takes you to that special time of year. May need in a snowflake candle for the holidays!
11/18/11 1:50am
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this smells like sugared spruce and spicy fruit punch
11/4/11 1:22pm
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Sort of a lighter scent, it's hard to describe. I want to say the cranberry is the main thing you smell but it seems more complex than that. Not a favorite. (cold throw)
11/3/11 5:23pm
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Not very strong when I melted it. It's a great Christmas scent, but I would just like it to be stronger so I may have to try it in candle form.