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Christmas Apple Cider Snap
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: A strong, spicy cider with cinnamon red hots. Doesn't have that "fake" cinnamon smell.
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11/19/12 12:19am
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This is a great smelling Christmas scent. I let mine cure for about two months (16 oz candle) I can smell all of the scents listed..the mixture is just awesome but it does need cure time. My next order I'm going to mix this with Christmas Lane and going to order about four of the Christmas Apple Cider Snap...and I'm not usually a fan of cider scents..but I just love love love this scent =)
12/5/11 3:42am
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I smell mostly cinnamon candies, not much apple. It's very sweet and good though.
11/16/11 2:07am
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I LOVED this on cold throw in the scent shot, but when I finally warmed it all I could smell was strong Christmasy cinnamon, so I had to lower my rating. It's not a bad scent, it was just disappointing that the scent shot smelled better cold than warmed :/ I prefer Christmas Memories I think.
11/4/11 1:16pm
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I would almost call this a straight up cinnamon, but there is a touch of apple when you stop and think about it. (cold throw)