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Chocolate Strawberries
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Fresh strawberries covered in yummy rich chocolate!!
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2/13/12 7:26pm
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Whoa, this is super strong a bit too much for me. I feel its a bit heavier on the strawberry scent but I still smell that chocolaty scent. Its a sweet strawberry jam scent and not a fresh strawberry.
2/9/12 4:42am
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Love this one! Equal parts rich strawberry and creamy chocolate - both of which complimented one another perfectly.
12/15/11 6:19am
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Smells yummy! This is her first strawberry scent and I like that note, not a fan of chocolate scents though. It's a great mixture of the two though!
11/18/11 1:49am
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this is a strong scent but im not much of a fan of vic's strawberry scents
11/10/11 6:41pm
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Waaay strong; if you love sweet scents, then this is the one for you. I liked the scent shot, but once I melted it, it was too strong for me. This would be a good scent for someone who likes Victoria's sweet sugary scents like Cotton Candy, Pink or Blue Sugar, etc., but I don't like sweet scents, so that's why this one didn't work for me :/