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Chocolate Sandalwood Spice
Category: Spicy Fragrances
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Description: Inspired by a customers request, this intriguing blend of fragrances is a must try!
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4/10/12 10:36pm
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This certainly does have a spicy bakery type note in it, along with the mellow chocolate. It really is an enjoyable combination, but (for me) it's very similar to some of Victoria's other spicy bakery fragrances that I prefer a bit more. For me, it wasn't overly spicy, so I wouldn't think that it would be problematic for someone who dislikes spice.
12/15/11 6:38am
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If you like the chocolate note in fudge brownie, chocolate strawberries or chocolate pudding then you'll like this. Same chocolate with spice added! Reminds me of chocolate dipped gingerbread cookies!