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Chocolate Mint
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich, creamy and smooth just like the after dinner mints or my favorite ice cream, this scent is a true treat!!
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5/16/12 1:20pm
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The mint is much stronger than the chocolate, but the two blend nicely. I'm surprised I like this.
2/8/12 3:17am
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It's a good scent, but the mint is very strong, and the chocolate is a rather synthetic smell. It smells like chocolate mint candy canes. If you like those, you'll love this.
11/1/11 10:42pm
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The mint overpowers the chocolate to me, but it's still a nice scent.
10/3/11 2:21am
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Couldn't give this a 5 stars because I like CPS and PB better, but this is a great milk chocolate scent with mint mingling throughout.