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Chantilly Lace
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: Light floral with musky middle notes, rich and warm, complex and intriguing…even if you are not a floral person give this scent a chance.. gorgeous!
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11/6/12 2:35pm
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I think is such a pretty lady scent. Mine cured for about two months and it just smells so pretty. I will be buying this in a large jat and cubes =). It didn't smell cheap to me at all. If you're even thinking about trying this one, you really should, you won't be disappointed =)
4/16/12 3:58pm
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I feel like the description is spot-on. It is a light floral, with some musky middle notes. And (on cold throw) it does seem like it would be a light thrower, so it wouldn't be too overbearing. I'm not a perfume/floral candle fan, so it wouldn't be for me - but if you are, this might be one to try.
3/2/12 3:14pm
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I don't like this one to much to generic like a drug store perfume but that's what its suppose to smell like its just a cheap smell
2/17/12 9:32pm
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Smells just like old-fashioned decorative soaps on cold sniff; not bad! It would be interesting to see what it smells like warmed.
1/24/12 3:29am
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A really great floral! I love the musk note, makes it a lot less sweet! Could definitely see this being a perfume or soap!
11/11/11 6:38am
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My mom loooooovves this one,she said it smells just like Oscar d la renti(I think?) perfume.This is very perfumey and makes me feel nostalgic for when I was younger since this smells like the perfume my mom used to wear on church sundays.