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Chai Tea
Category: Drink Fragrances
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Description: A lovely scent combination of brewed tea, cinnamon, clove and ginger...topped off with vanilla and honey.
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3/7/12 11:44pm
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I would like it but... I smell cherry almond floating around- is that strange? I had to turn it off.
1/17/12 3:41pm
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Nice scent, less throw than most, perfect for a small area.
11/5/11 4:14pm
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I absolutely LOVE this scent!! This is in my Top 5 scents! This smells EXACTLY like Chai tea minus the cream! The perfect balance of spices with just a slight sweetness of the vanilla & honey. I find this scent oh so relaxing!
11/1/11 8:05pm
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Can we just bring out our tea sets please?! Chai tea is wonderful you can smell each spice individually and yet somehow put them all together. Both the vanilla and honey really mellow the POW factor of the spices. I would say the scent throw is medium/light but closer on the light end of the spectrum.