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Cappucino Hazelnut
Category: Coffee Fragrances
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Description: A wonderful blend of rich coffee with that creamy touch of Hazelnut to tempt you into having just one more sip. Yummy fragrance!!
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Comments for Cappucino Hazelnut

3/29/12 8:02am
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I hate Hazelnut. While this is a great coffee fragrance I couldn't get past the hazelnut so 2 stars for me. I wouldn't reorder it.
11/18/11 1:38am
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Great blend of the two scents, you can smell them equally. nice, strong throw.
10/3/11 2:37am
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Love the hazelnut notes in this. Would love to mix it with something to have a chocolate note to it as well.. maybe Nutella?
9/28/11 2:11pm
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Good balanced blend of the coffee and the hazelnut. Extremely yummy, quite strong. Love this one!