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Category: Earthy Fragrances
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Description: If you love the smell of a campfire you will love this scent.
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4/19/12 5:00pm
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I think this scent is discontinued
4/7/12 10:07pm
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OMG! This DOES smell just like a crackling smoking wood campfire. I can't believe it. My husband loves it too. It is sooo unique. I like it warmed.
3/28/12 4:01am
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This smells exactly like a campfire. My husband loves it. He's been through 2 candles and is halfway through his third. There's nothing sweet or fresh about it. The review below mine describes it well . . .smells like smokey burning wood. It's better warmed than cold. It's super strong. It's not a dupe of anything I know of and smells nothing like the similarly named one you can buy at the mall.
2/29/12 2:59am
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No way. If I wanted my house to smell like this, I'd just kick open the fireplace door on our wood burning insert and let the smoke waft throughout the house. Can you tell I really didn't care for this one?
11/18/11 1:37am
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Man, when i first smelled this scent i immediatly wanted to gag. however i was determined to melt a sliver of it. this scent is STRONG, however it melts into a nice almost incensey smokey type of scent. im suprised.
11/2/11 5:43pm
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Oh my...I didn't dislike it but I couldn't get anyone else in my house to like it at all. Maybe if I try marshmallow campfire I can keep everyone's noses happy.