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Cajun Cornbread
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: One of our wonderful customers mixed this scent and we fell in love it so much we had to add it to our regular line. Peach Preserves and Kim's Country Cornbread.. all we can say is "WOW" this is a must try!
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Comments for Cajun Cornbread

7/28/13 11:27pm
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Freshly baked sweet cornbread with a touch of peach/apricot.
8/10/12 6:52pm
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I love this scent so much!! I'm not a fan of peach scents and to me I don't really smell the peach but can smell that bread smell with a yummy sweetness to it and also smell something spicy in this- almost like some kind of pepper but with a sweet smell. I will be getting a candle in this.
8/10/12 1:14am
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So reminds me of a bubbly peach cobbler! I guess the cornbread aspect gives it that salty doughy scent like the crunchy crust on the top of a cobbler. So yummy!
7/15/12 8:29pm
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I don't like the way this smells cold but warm it's a whole different story. This is a fantastic scent.
7/3/12 8:39pm
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I love Victoria's candles that have that "buttery" element. YUM! The peach isn't as strong as I was hoping for, but REALLY good!
6/2/12 10:08pm
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I cant get enough of this scent it will always be a re-order for me it reminds me of Hot Peach Cobbler!
5/28/12 9:45pm
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This is now one of my top 5 scents. I cannot get enough!
3/29/12 11:16am
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I'm inclined to agree. This smells like buttery cornbread smeared with fresh peach preserves...Mmmm now I'm hungry.
2/29/12 2:56am
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I'm finding I can't melt ones that are too buttery, maple syrupy, peachy or apricot. wth!
1/5/12 3:08pm
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This is a very good bakery scent. It's just a little too buttery for my liking. I wish there had been more peach in it. It smells great I just wanted more tart to kind of round out the very strong buttery corn smell.
11/19/11 4:57pm
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I really wasn't sure I was going to like this one, just because it sounds so dang weird! OOOOOH let me tell you this one is good! It's peachy and bready and buttery. So, so good. Odd combination, goood scent!
11/18/11 1:34am
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This is one wierd scent. i get a sour note followed by some peachyness. i also detect a salty note that im assuming is the cornbread. i wasnt a fan. guess its not for everyone. i think i have an issue with peach scents...
11/2/11 5:48pm
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Love this. Reminds me of the smell when you walk into a movie theatre. Yum! A buttery goodness...something good cookin.
11/1/11 10:32pm
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It smells sour and odd on cold throw, but when I melt it or burn it, it really does smell like peach cobbler baking. It has that salty note from the cornbread that not everyone will like though.