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Butterfly Kisses
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: Creative blend of just the right amount of juicy sweetened cantaloupe with nuances of tart kiwi; rounded out with floral notes of lilac and honeysuckle.
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1/3/13 3:39am
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this screams girly to me. very nice blend of floral and fruity!
7/28/12 1:58pm
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Beautiful scent. Reminds me of BBW plumeria body spray.
3/2/12 3:05pm
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Love this scent such a good spring type scent a wonderful mixture of fruits and flowers i really like it very juicy of my favorite spring & summer scents
2/29/12 2:55am
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I can't cope with most floral scents - I like them, but they make my nose stuffy or make me feel ill. However this one is great fruity floral.
12/15/11 6:28am
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A blend of floral and melon fruit. I already am not a huge floral lover so this one just wasn't for me.
11/18/11 1:32am
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i really loved this scent. to me it smells very similar to bella swan minus the grapey note and add a melon note. very good scent for spring.
11/4/11 12:50pm
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You definitely get the cantaloupe and the lilac, and a very nice swirl of everything else to keep you going back with a 'Wait, was that melon? No, floral?' An awesome blend.